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  • One of the world's largest and most complete collections of still photographs and HDTV footage of wildlife and the marine environment, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from anteaters to zebras, from tropical rainforests to the polar regions, from coral reefs to underwater icebergs.
  • Learn more about our HD, video, time-lapse, and film work. Click here to see commercials and clips.
  • Please note: We no longer provide images at no charge or a discount for nonprofit organizations or researchers. Please don't ask. For more information see our FAQ page here.

Praise for Norbert Wu's Filming and Books:
Introduction to Diving the World, by Ken McAlpine. "So I shouldn't have been surprised when Norb came out of the back room, but I was. He was short, rumpled, and bleary-eyed, with a physique leaning more toward Buddha than someone from Sea Hunt. He was bleary-eyed, but still observant. His handshake was brief and disinterested, but his eyes ran over me. I could feel it. Great photographers miss nothing, even if their subject is not all that interesting. Initially, I was equally unimpressed...." Read More » » »
Cojones indeed! Review of Under Antarctic Ice. "There's no place on earth more remote than below Antarctic pack ice, and thankfully, someone had the cojones to take a camera down there. In Under Antarctic Ice: The Photographs of Norbert Wu, the noted shooter captures everything from whales to penguins to jellyfish in photos that become even more breathtaking when you read the text. The ambient air in Antarctica averages 58 degrees below zero and the sea water 28 degrees Fahrenheit (yes, that's below freezing temperature). Taking off your hat in that kind of weather is serious business; now think about snapping photos underwater while wearing giant gloves and hundreds of pounds of equipment. Cojones indeed." —Playboy Magazine


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